Monday, 7 April 2014

Kids Dentist Livonia MI

Pediatric Dental Care Livonia MI
Your Child’s Dentist is as Important as a Pediatrician

We encourage good dental hygiene in your children at an early age and make it fun and comfortable so they keep those habits for a lifetime.

Children’s teeth are more susceptible to cavities for various reasons. They often do not brush like they should and need parents’ supervision in their daily dental care. This will help ensure they brush properly. Kids usually eat more often during the day which prolongs their teeth’s exposure to acid (from the foods they eat). This may result in more cavities.

If a tooth is already not as clean as it needs to be it will have a faster development of cavities due to more frequent contact of food and juice. If poor dietary choices and hygiene habits are identified and corrected, it will help to decrease the chances of decay. Applications of a fluoride varnish also help to remineralize teeth to further reduce the incidences of cavities.

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